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After suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence, it’s common to feel helpless and overwhelmed as medical bills pile up, and stress continues to mount at work and at home. How will you pay those bills and support your family while you recover from your injuries? Brooklyn residents who find themselves in this situation can find relief from their burden with the help of  Anthony Makarov and Gersowitz Libo & Korek. As a leading personal injury lawyer in the area, Anthony Makarov provides clients with the legal and emotional support they need to pursue the compensation they deserve and rebuild their lives, knowing they are not alone! 

Anthony Makarov is well-known and respected in Brooklyn and throughout New York as a tireless, committed, and compassionate lawyer who gets results for clients. What more could you ask for in your time of need? If you have suffered an injury in an auto accident due to someone else’s careless driving, or while in the care of a negligent medical professional, reach out to Anthony Makarov and schedule your FREE initial consultation today. 

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A Dedicated Brooklyn Lawyer With Years of Experience​

Looking for an experienced lawyer who’s never too busy to show you the personal attention you deserve in your time of need? Look no further than the Law Offices of Anthony Makarov. Anthony has a passion for helping people, and when an injured client comes to him for legal guidance, he takes their case personally! In a recent case, Anthony fought on behalf of a senior citizen who suffered injuries to her rib cage and clavicle — and he secured her a settlement of $587,000! Trust him with your personal injury case, and he can do the same for you or a loved one! 

Contact Anthony Makarov if you need a lawyer who can help with any of the following types of cases:

Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Makarov and put your case in the hands of Brooklyn’s leading medical malpractice and personal injury attorney. He offers free consultations to clients throughout New York City, so please don’t hesitate to schedule your initial meeting with him right away

The Right Law Office to Handle Your Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered an injury through no fault of your own, you shouldn’t have to live with additional emotional distress on top of the physical pain you already feel. The other party should be held responsible for their carelessness and compensate you for the harm they caused. With a lawyer like Anthony Makarov in your corner, you don’t have to worry about your mounting medical bills and can focus on what’s important: your recovery and your family!

A successful personal injury case requires a strong legal team that is prepared to dig in and work hard. The burden of proof lies on the plaintiff to show that his or her injury was caused by another party’s negligence (liability), and how that injury has negatively impacted his or her life (damages). Our team of lawyers has extensive training and experience that enables them to handle these types of cases. We’ll guide you through the process listed below with a level of personal attention you just won’t get from other New York attorneys. 

  • We’ll document the extent of your injuries and thoroughly investigate your case.
  • We’ll consult with medical professionals to gather proof that your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence. 
  • We’ll communicate on your behalf with insurance companies to make sure they offer fair healthcare coverage. 
  • We’ll file your personal injury lawsuit and continue to negotiate with opposing counsel until we reach a favorable outcome for you. 
  • We’re not afraid to argue your case in court if other avenues prove unsuccessful.

Find out why Anthony Makarov is a leading personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer in  Brooklyn and the surrounding areas in New York. Choose him as your attorney at law, whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident or were the victim of a surgical error. He is a lawyer who’s committed to easing your financial and emotional burdens by securing you the compensation you deserve. He’s ready to put his years of training and experience to work for you! 

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