Construction Accidents

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Construction is an essential industry in New York, one that carries a great impact on the local economy and community. With that being said, it’s also one of the most dangerous industries to work in. 

The statistics surrounding construction accidents are astounding. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that over 20 percent of all of the fatalities that occurred in the private sector in 2018 can be traced back to construction. That number increases exponentially when dealing with construction injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 150,000 injuries occur on the job each year.

A supervisor faced a construction injury during work in New York City

Although construction is inherently a dangerous field of work, there are hundreds of regulations that are put in place by OSHA and other safety organizations to avoid serious injuries or worse. If your workplace is neglecting the correct safety procedures and you are injured as a result, you have a case that New York’s leading construction accident lawyer, Anthony Makarov, can help you win! Schedule a FREE consultation today to get started.

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Recovering from a personal injury can be a daunting task, especially when the medical bills start piling up! To help you focus on your recovery, you need a lawyer you can count on. Anthony Makarov is committed to your wellbeing and here to help lift some of the stress off of your shoulders!

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Finding a construction accident lawyer in New York that will go to great lengths to procure the compensation you deserve is no walk in the park. You may be bombarded with ads from hundreds of attorneys who promise to deliver great results, but how can you trust that they will? Anthony Makarov has the experience and track record to back up all of his claims! No client has ever visited his NYC office and left empty-handed because he works hard all day and night to ensure they won’t.

From your very first (and FREE) consultation, Anthony Makarov will work diligently to develop a winning strategy for your case. While he’s in pursuit of proof that another party’s negligence was the cause of your injury, you can relax and focus on your health and recovery. Leave it up to him to fight and win for you!

  • Compensation for lost income if you cannot work
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Coverage of your current and future medical bills
  • Possible punitive damages
What About Third-Party Negligence?

It’s not unusual for construction sites to hire third-party contractors to meet an important deadline. Yet these contractors must abide by the same health and safety regulations as everyone else. Not doing so can result in serious workplace injuries — injuries that they should and will be held accountable for when you choose New York’s best construction accident lawyer.

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Accidents can happen anywhere, whether it’s a construction site or a retail store. That doesn’t mean they can’t be avoided as well. Anthony Makarov is dedicated to making New York City a safer place, starting with you. Take back control of your life today when you schedule a FREE consultation with New York City’s top slip and fall lawyer, personal injury attorney, medical malpractice lawyer, and more!